New Israeli Shekels, the primary currency used within Israel, available for purchase as a digital record directly to your bank account, or as paper notes and metal coins through the Israel Post (limited edition - subject to cash control regulations).


  • Accepted by law throughout the country.
  • Using banking services, you may convert to different fiat currencies, take loans and pay with credit.
  • Resistant to deflation.
  • Production not restrained by resources, dynamic issuance policy.
  • Strict monetary controls to protect you from currency misuse.

Shekel Now

1.20 ₪Price
  • Price is per 1 ILS.

    The currency can be purchased as digital Shekels deposited directly to your Israeli bank account, which employs advanced technical measures to protect your security.

    In addition, it may also be purchased as physical paper notes made of a cutting-edge cotton substrate and coins of metal compounds, with advanced anti-forgery measures. Their design expresses affinity towards Israel and shows stories about people, places and events that takes inspiration from the Jewish and Israeli traditions and history.


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