The web-based consumption culture is drastically changing the living space of rabbisters around the world. Now is the time to act, now we have the opportunity to change that: we must determine that the important and vulnerable parts of shopping malls remain active. WWR is working to collect signatures all over the world for the rabbister community. And we need your help. Mall6 is dedicating itself to this important global cause and its main aim - restoring all rabbisters to the shopping mall reserves. Our malls support all the rabbisters in the country, and right now they need us.


Rabbister (Procavigallus Mercansis) is an endangered species of the Phasianidae family and the Procaviidae family, a close relative to the rock rock hyrax and turkeys. It originated in Europe.

WWR - World Wide Rabbister  (השפנגול)

The Rabbister is on the brink of extinction!

What can you do?

Visiting a mall near you.

The rabbister lives in confined commercial areas, drawing its energy from human presence and consumerist behaviour


In a time and age when misinformation and fake news are flooding the media, it is our moral duty to put an end to content that encourages Internet-based consumption and alienated commerce that lacks all human connection. Share this important fight and tell your friends



The association was established in 2006 by the International Malls Association (NGO).

By donating, you will join WWR in our work to protect our precious shopping centers and to find the solutions needed to provide the right living conditions for our beloved rabbisters.


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Alongside the process of suburbanization in cities in the 20th century and the rise of suburban culture, as well as the proliferation of cars and the fast paced development of various industries and consumerist culture, rabbister populations have grown increasingly in shopping centers around the world. First mentioned in early 20th century in Europe and viewed several times by consumers in shopping centers such as the Burlington Mall Center, London (1819).

Since then, there has been much evidence of the mysterious creature that resides in shopping centers around the world including the Northgate Seattle Shopping Center built in 1950, which has documented approximately 14,992 rabbister viewings throughout its history.

Following the internet revolution (Web 2.0) that resulted in the closure of more and more shopping centers around the world, the number of rabbisters is constantly decreasing. The transition to e-commerce, that enables a broad spectrum of B2C business-to-consumer transactions, sales and purchase of durable goods and services online, has led to a decrease in consumer visits to shopping centers and a significant decrease in life expectancy and physical size of the common rabbister.


A migratory hybrid species with a jagged beak and broad ears, the rabbister crawls on its 4 arms and sometimes moves on a wheel. It lives alone and nestles in confined areas and cool conditions not exceeding 24 degrees Celsius (average temperature in the shade).

The rabbister’s size varies according to its environment, adults reaching a length that can range from 30 cm to 5 m and a weight ranging from 5 grams to a tonne and a half.


Physical relics






Hagit, The Seven Star Mall Herzliya 2002



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